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About us

Our company has been designing and producing baby clothing for over 10 years. We are carefully listening to the customers and all of their remarks are taken into consideration, helping us to shape our products. We broaden our selection of collections and improve our products from month to month, in terms of both fabrics and patterns. For many years we focus on what is Polish. Fabrics for our clothes come from Polish suppliers, supporting native companies. All of our products are manufactured by our own company, where specialised professionals are doing their best, to satisfy the customers with the best quality possible. In the process of material selection we focus on safety and carefully analyse its quality supported by numerous certificates. Our designers are constantly following the newest trends in fashion and try to implement them into our collections, because what all of the mums are dreaming about? A healthy, smiling and fashionably dressed baby.

Ecology and us

Our collections have been being made from organic cotton for over a year. In the process of its production natural substances like garlic, citric acid, and chills are being used instead of pesticides. This cotton is also collected by hand. Why all of this? To protect skin of the youngest, because in the process of production of such cotton no chemicals are being used. Products manufactured from such material guarantee that the clothing is very delicate and without any substances that may irritate the skin of the babies. This is especially important for children having allergy-related issues.

Trade Cooperation

All customers in Poland are provided with regular service by our salesmen, who visit them with each new collection every month. They also advise and help in solving current issues. All questions concerning the details of the cooperation can be directed onto e-mail: biuro@wmbtrade.pl or under under the phone + 48 692 982 626

Foreign Trade Cooperation

We also sell our products to the foreign customers. We cooperate with shops and distributors. Having separate trade policies for both groups we allow they don’t exclude each other. Our motto sounds:” Each customer is important for us”. All questions concerning the details of the cooperation can be directed onto e-mail: biuro@wmbtrade.pl or under under the phone + 48 601 709 070

Open to the world

Besides clients from Poland, we are also trying to broaden our range to foreign countries. To accomplish that, we take part in numerous fairs both in Poland and abroad. We are there as manufacturers, but also as visitors searching for the newest trends, used as inspiration for our newly created collections.

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